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Stephanie Waters
Director, Content Smith

"When it comes to Facebook Advertising there are many practitioners out there, but Veena helps you make Facebook Ads happen. She enabled me to manage a client’s campaign and achieve a good ROI. The range of ads produced and her proactive nature to help and give updates on the campaign made the process less stressful. She cared about the overall sales pipeline, not just the ads, and made sure the main points of contact for the campaign were optimised to deliver the desired results."

Peita Davis
Founder/Director, GingerFinch

"Veena is the key to unlocking the baffling world of Facebook Ads. I previously had terrible ROI from Facebook ads and I was convinced they would never work for my business. But after working with Veena for even one month, I started seeing a huge jump in sales and email list sign-ups. Veena's wealth of experience and ability to test and try things - without blowing out my budget - meant every dollar I spent made an impact on my bottom line. Now Facebook ads are a core part of my marketing strategy and I'm receiving between 300-400% return on investment. And I couldn't have done it without Veena."

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