CERES Fair Food

How we tripled an organic grocery Store’s revenue in less than 90 days?


CERES Fair Food, a not-for-profit, organic groceries online store is based out of Melbourne, Victoria. The biggest challenge the store faced apart from new traffic was repeat purchasers. The not-for-profit has tried running paid media (both Facebook and Google) but with little success. As a brand, it’s locally well-recognized but top-of-mind is comparatively low because of growing competition. Amongst competition, are some big spenders like Marley Spoon & Dinnerly.

Our primary goal was to get current customers order online organic groceries weekly or as frequently as possible through CERES Fair Food.

Following strategy made us reach our goal faster:

  • Identify Lifetime Value (LTV) of our existing customers
  • Facebook & Google Ads

How we did it

Facebook advertising

  • Sequential Retargeting
  • Tested cold audiences and did targeting basis post code
  • Segmented Placement & Targeting
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Post-purchase loyalty campaigns

The Results


(ROAS) Return On Ad Spend from Facebook Ad Campaigns


Average cost per purchase


Average order value


Increase in online traffic in less than 3 months


Increase in revenue

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