Australian owned bedding and homewares brick & mortar stores reaches online sales goals within 3 months after working with us


PureZone is a family owned bed linen and homewares Australian business with over 15 stores. After selling at their brick & mortar stores, they wanted to diverse to an online store. The biggest challenge was a non-existent social media presence and a website low on conversions.

To do this fast, we did just three things:

  • Optimized the online store for conversions
  • Ran Facebook Ads
  • Capitalised on major sale periods: Black Friday/Cyber Monday & Boxing Day

How we did it

Facebook advertising

  • Tested more than 10 cold audiences based on Interests, Lookalikes
  • Segmented Placement & Targeting
  • Sequential Retargeting
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Email marketing

The Results


(ROAS) Return On Ad Spend from Facebook Ad Campaigns


Increase in online traffic in less than 3 months


Increase in revenue

Ready to scale your ecommerce store with Google & Facebook ads?